Meet Marla Mattenson

Marla is a Relationship & Intimacy Expert who specializes in working with entrepreneur couples, who have an urgent desire to transform both their relationship and their business.

Her unique approach to coaching comes from her background in mathematics and neuroscience. Marla uses pattern recognition to reveal the negative habitual responses couples experience and how to change those patterns to achieve their desired outcome.

This approach allows couples to experience the passion, freedom, and connection they always knew was possible in relationship. Using pristine clarity in communication, allows couples to develop their business to keep pace with their growing intimacy.

I Can Help You Create The Relationship & Business You’ve Always Dreamed Possible!

• Fall in love again
• Connect in new and exciting ways
• Build an unbreakable union
• Increase income & build your empire
• Experience passion & physical intimacy



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What Clients Say

Marla is unequivocally (results don’t lie) the best thing to happen to my marriage and my bank account! -D.D.

“Prior to working with Marla our relationship was dysfunctional to non-existent. We had no communication or teamwork regarding major issues. After coaching we have greater respect and trust for each others’ role in the relationship. I now feel I can discuss topics and express feelings that are uncomfortable for me without being judged.” -A.L.

“In less than a week, Marla coached us and I experienced passionate kissing from my husband after 20 years of just ok kissing!” -S.R.

“My wife and I had a really good heart to heart last night that started as a conflict but we were able to turn it around using your methods, which was great!” -M.M.

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