Coaching Discussion with Partner


If you are reading this, you are probably considering relationship coaching and you’re not really sure how to speak with your partner about it.
There are countless scenarios as to why you would want to see a Relationship and Intimacy Expert.  Here are a few:

  • You have a good relationship and you desire a magnificent one.
  • You don’t feel excited to see your partner when they get home anymore and are consumed by the day to day chores of life.  The passion is gone.
  • You are thinking about cheating, or maybe already have…
  • You are concerned that it is slowly slipping into a passionless, mediocre marriage and neither of you have the energy to fight for it.
  • You have an amazing business together and love the work but the home life is not quite as wonderful.

So let me give you some pointers on how to start the journey to talking about coaching.

First, remember.  Before you even approach your partner to speak with them, you need to remember why you even want to do this work.  Can you feel into the part of you that loves your partner? Remember a time when things were good? When they were great? Remember a specific time that makes you smile? A deep inner smile? This is the energy to approach your partner with.

Next, notice your partner’s facial expressions and body language. This is a conversation for a relaxed moment, not a moment of stress or cooking dinner or getting the kids ready for bed. Set your partner up for success by approaching them in a quiet moment where you can have a meaningful conversation.

Approach your partner with love in your eyes and an open heart, remembering a time from the past that was loving and even playful. Look at them in the eyes and face your bodies toward each other and say…


For troubled couples:

“Babe, I know things haven’t been amazing between us and we both have a part in that. I really love you and want to transform this relationship back into something wonderful, and I know we can do it, but we need help. I found a coach who specializes in working with couples and I’m wondering if you would be willing to join me in a Skype call with her to see how she can help us?”

For couples who are ready to up-level their relationship:

“Babe, I love you and love our relationship together.  Have you thought about taking it to the next level?  Can you imagine an even more passionate, vibrant relationship where any and all communication is clear, masterful, and elevates both of our lives personally and professionally?  I’m ready to fulfill our soul contracts and use our connection as a way to learn all our lessons together and help each other evolve in this lifetime.   Would you like to explore this with me?  I found a coach who specializes in working with couples and I’m wondering, would you be willing to join me in a Skype call with her to see how she can help us take our lives to the next level together and to impact even more people in a meaningful and life-changing way?”

Next Steps
Finally, Listen. Just listen. And practice not reacting to whatever words may come from your partner. Hold firm that you love your partner and this may be the first honest conversation in a long time you’ve had about your relationship. How you respond will support you both in taking next steps. Then click the box below to book a Discovery Session.

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